Polaroid Update

5 05 2009

Well, it’s been awhile since I last updated, so I figured a new photo dump would be an appropriate update.

I have been experimenting even more with Polaroids lately. I find the instant prints to be so easy to do, that I can’t help myself. The convenience is a great aspect of it. However, I certainly wouldn’t turn down using one of my film cameras. I actually have five or six rolls of film that need to be developed. Once Summer gets here, I will have time to develop them and scan them. Until then, Polaroids will be the only thing showing up on the blog.



4″x5″ Fuji FP-100c45

9 02 2009

Here are a couple of shots I took with my Crown Graphic camera the other day. Two of them were shot the same day as the nude studio session from a couple of days ago.

Untitled 02-012
The Red Room

Untitled 02-01

3 02 2009


Taken with my Nikon D200 through the ground glass of my Crown Graphic. Model is a friend of mine.

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