Kodak Expired Film Winner

31 07 2009

As some people know, Kodak has a tendency to be very generous at certain times of the year. This time, they posted a contest on Flickr where they would give away 10 rolls of expired film to 400 people. Well, I never win anything, so I was surprised to find that I have won when I checked my inbox today. I should receive my package within the next two weeks or so. I am excited to find out what types of film I won. They had a couple of different kinds, and the winners just get a random grab bag of film.

Now, I am not just posting this to brag, of course. I also wanted to mention that since I got about $40 worth of film for free, I will be posting color photos eventually, which really is not something I normally do, since I normally only shoot b/w film with the exception of Polaroids. The only problem is that color film processing is a pain in the ass, so I send it out to be developed instead of doing it myself.