Fuji FP-100 Negatives

10 06 2009

I have been working with Fuji FP-100c45 negatives lately. I am ecstatic to have found out about this tecnique, since the Polaroid 55 and 665 packs are beyond expensive. I do have a stock of Polaroid 665 in my fridge, but I do not want to use it except for my next book that I put together.

Lamp and Orchid


1. Take your photo, and overexpose it by 1-1.5 stops. This will make the negative the proper exposure, but overexpose the print. Then, when you pull it from the camera, do not peel it.

2. Tape the photo, negative (black) side up to a piece of glass. Then, brush undiluted bleach onto the black backing, being careful not to let it leak under the photo.

3. Rinse thoroughly with water until all of the black backing has been removed.

4. Peel the photo from the negative.

5. Rinse the negative again until it is clean.

6. Dip into water/photo-flo mixture and then hang to dry.

Once dry, it is like any other negative and can be scanned or printed as such. I used a color negative in the example, but you can also use Fuji FP-100b. This method only works for the 100 speed, and does not work for Fuji FP-3000.


Sada Abe Series

2 04 2009

Did a series for a friend this evening. It gave me an excuse to use my Polaroid SX-70 and some ATZ film.


On the Road

14 02 2009

Anandi and I went on another photography excursion, which seems to be our new routine every Friday. This time, however, we left the city. I brought along some of my Polaroid 669 film as well as a pack of 100 Chocolate film. Every time I use the Chocolate, I love it.


4″x5″ Fuji FP-100c45

9 02 2009

Here are a couple of shots I took with my Crown Graphic camera the other day. Two of them were shot the same day as the nude studio session from a couple of days ago.

Untitled 02-012
The Red Room

Polaroids das Sequel

29 01 2009

I shot a ton of film the past week or so. It is turning out that Fridays are my days devoted to photography. I am planning on going out tomorrow again and both A.) Taking another pack of Polaroid 669 film and B.) testing out my new old camera I needed for when I take a future photography class.

All of the following shots were taken with my Polaroid 350 camera and some Polaroid 100 Chocolate film from PolaPremium. See more on my Flickr account.