Lo-Fi Photo Day

22 06 2009

I found an old Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera when cleaning out my mom’s house, so I loaded it up with some 120 film (with modified spool) and I plan on taking some photos tomorrow with it to test it out. It is supposed to take 620 film, so I had to cut off the edge of the spool for it to fit in the camera.
Since I will be out and about anyway, I loaded some of the same film into my Holga 120n camera. I have never used the 6×4.5 mask with it before, I’ve only ever used it for 6×6 negatives.

I have two boxes of photo chemicals being delivered tomorrow, so I will be able to develop the photos tomorrow night with any luck. The past two times the UPS guy got here, he didn’t just leave the packages here, he left a notice instead. I am going to have to write a note to tell him to leave them this time, so I can do the developing tomorrow rather than have to wait.