School of Thought Trilogy – Special Edition
Description: Risso’s three novels: “Of Karma & Chaos”, “Lima Beans Equal Peace”, and “The Someday Cafe” are combined into this spectacular, limited-edition collection for the first time.

Journey with Sam, Kate, and Lily as they each travel throughout the metaphysical world in order to finish their education with the help of the gods.

The vivid settings and haunting characters will dare you to question how the universe works. This is a collection that won’t disappoint.

Purchase: Here

Of Karma & Chaos
Description: Samuel Vartan has been a ordinary guy all his life. He never caused any trouble. This all changed at 12:38pm on Monday, February 19. This was the day that Jesus Christ was killed on the front steps of the largest cathedral in all of New York City.

Sam soon learns that all is not as it seems. Accompanied by a ragtag group of gods as his teachers, Sam departs on a journey of self discovery. As he fights through a strange and haunting amnesia, Sam discovers that the gods have been keeping secrets.

Can Sam unravel the mystery about his past to find out the truth before graduation? Only time will tell, and as Buddha told Sam, “Everything happens at the same, without lack of a better word, time.”

Purchase: HereAmazonBarnes & Noble

Lima Beans Equal Peace
Description: In this thrilling sequel to “Of Karma & Chaos”, Risso once again takes his reader on a fascinating journey through the metaphysical world. The vivid setting and haunting characters will draw you into a world where you are no longer certain of how the universe works.

Kate is the head of her class. Coincidentally, she is also the only student in the class. With the guidance of her teacher Athena, she looks forward to finishing her school year up with the highest of marks. However, Kate soon finds that studying to be a teacher is not as easy as she thought it would be.

Between Myles, a reluctant young man who is not fond of school, and Danielle, a woman who refuses to be reborn, Kate is beginning to doubt her abilities.

Can Kate find her own way before school ends? What of her two charges; can Kate help them? All that matters are four simple words: “Lima Beans Equal Peace.”

Purchase: HereAmazonBarnes & Noble

The Someday Café
Description:The intricately woven stories that sprouted in “Of Karma & Chaos” come to an epic conclusion in this, the final book of the trilogy. Filled with as much imagination and personal journey as the previous, “The Someday Café” is sure to please.

Jesus and his father, Joe, have declared war on the other gods. It is the war to end all wars—and the universe! In this time of need, the gods have called upon their pupils for help. One student in particular, Lily, is most needed.

Lily’s mind is filled with tidbits from her past, and the pasts of others. With a severe case of déjà vu, Lily is finding many things too distracting to be bothered to help the gods. However, she soon learns that it is not a call for help she can ignore.

With the very universe itself crumbling around her, how can Lily hope to stand up to Jesus and his father? Only time will tell, and as Buddha told Sam—well, you know.

Purchase: Here


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