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22 10 2009
R. Polhamus

First of all, thanks for the information on the Fuji 100 Negatives. But have a couple of questions on the process.

1. How long do you wait after you pull the film, when applying the undiluted bleach? (Step 1 to Step 2)
2. How long (time) do you wait when you apply the bleach on the negative (black) side? (Step 2)
3. What is the water temperature when you rinse? (Step 5) What technique do you use? Like putting it in a tray and gently move the negative around?

This information is greatly apprieciated as some of us really miss Type 55 film.

12 12 2009

1. Do not pull the film until after you are done bleaching the back completely.

2. You will notice the bleach and carbon foam up almost instantly. Allow this to happen and then run cool water over it. Repeat this until the back is completely free of carbon.

3. Cool to ice cold water. You do not want to use warm water at all because the emulsion can peel.

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