Kodak Expired Film Winner

31 07 2009

As some people know, Kodak has a tendency to be very generous at certain times of the year. This time, they posted a contest on Flickr where they would give away 10 rolls of expired film to 400 people. Well, I never win anything, so I was surprised to find that I have won when I checked my inbox today. I should receive my package within the next two weeks or so. I am excited to find out what types of film I won. They had a couple of different kinds, and the winners just get a random grab bag of film.

Now, I am not just posting this to brag, of course. I also wanted to mention that since I got about $40 worth of film for free, I will be posting color photos eventually, which really is not something I normally do, since I normally only shoot b/w film with the exception of Polaroids. The only problem is that color film processing is a pain in the ass, so I send it out to be developed instead of doing it myself.


Letting Loose at Artscape

12 07 2009

Artscape is an annual art festival held in Baltimore, MD, USA that occurs mid-July. It takes place in the majority of the Bolton Hill section of the city, which happens to be on my college campus. I’ve decided that since several friends will be coming in for the festival, it would be a good excuse to take an exorbitant amount of photos. Normally, I cannot take more than a few photos a day because I just can’t seem to let loose. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Therefore, I am going to force myself to take three rolls 36 exp film: one color negative, one slide, and one b/w. Artscape only lasts for three days, so I must take a roll a day. Let the experiment begin!


10 06 2009

Well, it’s been awhile since I have posted any sort of updates. I haven’t really been doing much other than taking photos. I haven’t gotten any of them developed though, so I can’t post them. I did send one roll of 35mm slide film out to Fuji last Friday, so I am hoping to have that back by this Friday. I’ve never sent film out to be developed before though, so I don’t know how long it will take to get back to my apartment. I believe the plant is in Kansas, which isn’t that far away, but it certainly isn’t right next door either. I also have three rolls of 120 film that I want to get developed tomorrow. I have two rolls of slide film and one roll of color negative.

Other than the photography, I have been interested in doing photo transfers onto wood and canvas. I found a technique that is supposed to work with toner prints, but I haven’t been able to try it yet since I don’t have access to a printer that uses toner instead of ink. I am going to have to go to the print lab to make prints, but I will probably wait until next week to do it.

Once I find where I packed my scanner, I will post some photos.

Wonders of Flickr

30 11 2008

As an artist, you can never have too many ways to advertise yourself or your work.

I joined Flickr a long time ago, but that was only so I could use Mosaickr. I only just rediscovered it while I was looking at photos of some photos taken with a polaroid back on a Holga camera. I’ve decided to upload my work onto there, since it can’t really hurt. The images I upload aren’t print-quality anyway so I don’t see the harm. Seems like a pretty good way to advertise yourself.

Check out what I have uploaded onto my photostream so far.

Adagio Tea

29 08 2008

My newest addiction is tea… but good tea, thankfully. I’m far from a tea fanatic, but I’ve always loved it. I got turned onto Adagio Teas thanks to the guys over at DiggNation.

I ordered the Oolong Tea Sampler as well as the sample size of the Rooibos Tea.

I’m finally not putting sugar in any of my tea after weaning off of it. My favorite so far is the Jasmine #5 and the Oolong #8; both are delicious and a lot more subtle than the black tea I am used to.

The titular letter “A”

26 07 2008

Art: Art is something created by an individual or group of individual’s drive to incite some form of emotion through communication, whether this be visual or auditory.

Traditionally, fine art was broken up into three specific categories: Architecture, Painting, and Sculpture. From there, we moved on to crafts such as woodworking, fibers, smithing, and ceramics. As a society, we have moved forward in the art world from art merely as a mimesis to art as a piece of reality, such as Duchamp’s work.

Somewhere along the journey, the line between what is art and what is Art was born. The difference really is a matter of opinion. Mine has always been that Art, capital A, is what is/should be/will be hung in galleries. These pieces are what “they” deem to be worthy of the title. Art, lowercase a, can truly be anything if whoever created it says it is art. Personally, I think there is a great deal of Art that should be art and vice versa. However, this is all in the eye of the beholder.

Zach Risso