18 08 2009

Well, I am going to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon that seems to be going around these days. I am going to attempt to shoot at least one photo on film a day. I say “at least,” because I don’t want to limit myself to jut that one photo. However, I think I need to be more specific in what or how I shoot… but I’m not sure how.

Any suggestions?


Letting Loose at Artscape

12 07 2009

Artscape is an annual art festival held in Baltimore, MD, USA that occurs mid-July. It takes place in the majority of the Bolton Hill section of the city, which happens to be on my college campus. I’ve decided that since several friends will be coming in for the festival, it would be a good excuse to take an exorbitant amount of photos. Normally, I cannot take more than a few photos a day because I just can’t seem to let loose. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Therefore, I am going to force myself to take three rolls 36 exp film: one color negative, one slide, and one b/w. Artscape only lasts for three days, so I must take a roll a day. Let the experiment begin!

July 1-12 Photo Dump

12 07 2009

Here is a photo dump from the last two weeks. As you can tell, I am relatively picky in what I post, perhaps too much so. They were taken with a Holga 120n and a Nikon FM2n. The scan quality of them is awful, so I apologize. At some point, I will use the school’s negative scanner to actually scan high-quality negatives. That probably won’t be until I am ready to start compiling them into my new book.

As I have just realized I haven’t mentioned my new book in awhile, I shall do so now. I have finally hammered out the details for the photo book and it will be based on the idea of human identity. I am giving myself a year to work on it, so I am not rushed to complete it, but I still have a goal in mind of when to finish. Look for updates on the book throughout the next year.

Untitled 06-28
Harbor 06-27
Harbor Panorama 06-27

Loch Raven

27 06 2009

I went to the Loch Raven Resevoir two days ago with a couple of friends and my Hasselblad came with me. I loaded it up with some Kodak Tmax 400 film and off we went. I developed them myself that night, which I enjoy immensely, and figured out how to scan them on my cheap flatbed scanner.

Hope 06-24
Loch Raven 06-24

Fuji FP-100 Negatives

10 06 2009

I have been working with Fuji FP-100c45 negatives lately. I am ecstatic to have found out about this tecnique, since the Polaroid 55 and 665 packs are beyond expensive. I do have a stock of Polaroid 665 in my fridge, but I do not want to use it except for my next book that I put together.

Lamp and Orchid


1. Take your photo, and overexpose it by 1-1.5 stops. This will make the negative the proper exposure, but overexpose the print. Then, when you pull it from the camera, do not peel it.

2. Tape the photo, negative (black) side up to a piece of glass. Then, brush undiluted bleach onto the black backing, being careful not to let it leak under the photo.

3. Rinse thoroughly with water until all of the black backing has been removed.

4. Peel the photo from the negative.

5. Rinse the negative again until it is clean.

6. Dip into water/photo-flo mixture and then hang to dry.

Once dry, it is like any other negative and can be scanned or printed as such. I used a color negative in the example, but you can also use Fuji FP-100b. This method only works for the 100 speed, and does not work for Fuji FP-3000.

Polaroid Update

5 05 2009

Well, it’s been awhile since I last updated, so I figured a new photo dump would be an appropriate update.

I have been experimenting even more with Polaroids lately. I find the instant prints to be so easy to do, that I can’t help myself. The convenience is a great aspect of it. However, I certainly wouldn’t turn down using one of my film cameras. I actually have five or six rolls of film that need to be developed. Once Summer gets here, I will have time to develop them and scan them. Until then, Polaroids will be the only thing showing up on the blog.


Sada Abe Series

2 04 2009

Did a series for a friend this evening. It gave me an excuse to use my Polaroid SX-70 and some ATZ film.