Zach Risso

Since I was young, most art classes I took stressed the importance of representational subject matter in a piece. While I do agree that it is important to learn the traditional disciplines to a certain extent, I disagree whole-heartedly that there is nothing more out there in which to convey meaning through art. It took some time for me to learn that art did not need to be a bowl of fruit set upon draped tablecloths or a reclining nude painted with the utmost care.

My method of work has evolved to now experimenting with found objects and textures to create a base for my work. I then let the piece reveal itself using design elements, on a surface that is highly textured with mediums or collage elements, helps me produce works that are expressive and personal.

I like to call attention to the physicality of a piece. For instance, I include the border of a negative in the finish photography. I enjoy this additional layer to a photograph because it is able to convey to my audience that it is not depicting real life, but only a single, still moment of it, and it could not possibly show the many facets that life has to offer.

I continue my digital and traditional work simultaneously. Each offers me an outlet for my creativity that I cherish.

Currently attending the Maryland Institute College of Art for a BFA in graphic design with a concentration in photography.


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