July 1-12 Photo Dump

12 07 2009

Here is a photo dump from the last two weeks. As you can tell, I am relatively picky in what I post, perhaps too much so. They were taken with a Holga 120n and a Nikon FM2n. The scan quality of them is awful, so I apologize. At some point, I will use the school’s negative scanner to actually scan high-quality negatives. That probably won’t be until I am ready to start compiling them into my new book.

As I have just realized I haven’t mentioned my new book in awhile, I shall do so now. I have finally hammered out the details for the photo book and it will be based on the idea of human identity. I am giving myself a year to work on it, so I am not rushed to complete it, but I still have a goal in mind of when to finish. Look for updates on the book throughout the next year.

Untitled 06-28
Harbor 06-27
Harbor Panorama 06-27




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