Willowsidhe’s Weblog

18 08 2008

For anyone interested in making their own games, I sugguest you take a look at Willowsidhe’s Weblog.

I’ve always been interested in making games from the standpoint that I see them as a visual novel. I have used the Graal game editor before just because it was simple, easy, and reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda (because it started out as a Zelda rip-off). I have dabbled in RPG Maker XP a small amount, but never anything more than that.

Willowsidhe’s Weblog has numerous tips and tutorials to help you out in your game making conquest. From tilesets to characters, she has what you need. Most impressively, she as a massive catalog of video tutorials on YouTube.

Be sure to check it out!

Would you like to be recommended? Just e-mail me and I’ll check out your site!




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