Giclée Prints (cont.)

6 08 2008

I thought it would be prudent to give some more information on the giclée prints I am now offering. For information and ordering, please e-mail me.


Weight: 230 g/m²
Thickness: 9.5 mil
Texture: Smooth Matte
Color Gamut / Tonal Range: Very High
Print Quality (DPI): 1440 x 720
Archival Rating: 150 years

These high quality enhanced matte prints ship safely packaged in a cardboard mailing tube. It will feature a 1-2″ white margin around the print which enables you to frame it easily.


Weight: 430 g/m²
Thickness: 21 mil
Texture: Light Matte Canvas Texture
Color Gamut / Tonal Range: High
Print Quality (DPI): 1200×600
Archival Rating: 200 years

If you choose to purchase a canvas giclée, you have the option of stretched or unstretched to suit your needs. Unstretched canvas will be shipped in a cardboard mailing tube. Stretched canvas comes either side-stapled or back-stapled per your request.

For more information on giclée, see my first post.




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