The titular letter “A”

26 07 2008

Art: Art is something created by an individual or group of individual’s drive to incite some form of emotion through communication, whether this be visual or auditory.

Traditionally, fine art was broken up into three specific categories: Architecture, Painting, and Sculpture. From there, we moved on to crafts such as woodworking, fibers, smithing, and ceramics. As a society, we have moved forward in the art world from art merely as a mimesis to art as a piece of reality, such as Duchamp’s work.

Somewhere along the journey, the line between what is art and what is Art was born. The difference really is a matter of opinion. Mine has always been that Art, capital A, is what is/should be/will be hung in galleries. These pieces are what “they” deem to be worthy of the title. Art, lowercase a, can truly be anything if whoever created it says it is art. Personally, I think there is a great deal of Art that should be art and vice versa. However, this is all in the eye of the beholder.

Zach Risso




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